12pcs Professional Makeup Brush Tools Set

Mainland Trade

  • $21.04
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• Economical brushes made with quality material
• Brushes set including all you need for daily makeup.
• No shedding or smell with a well-crafted firm handle
• Silky soft. Makes applying makeup a luxurious experience.
• Violet & Beige Options: Violet set comes with blending Brush / Beige set comes with a sponge applicator

Brushes Set Includes:

1. Powder Brush;
2. Angled Blush Brush;
3. Foundation Brush;
4. Concealer Brush;
5. Angled Contour Brush;
6. Eyeshadow Brush;
7. Blending Brush (Sponge Applicator for Beige Set);
8. Smudge Brush;
9. Lip Brush;
10. Angled Eyebrow Brush;
11. Eyeliner Brush;
12. Eyelash Brush










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